Spin Track - WD145

WD145 is a Spin Track released as a part of the Metal System. It debuted in Booster Escolpio WD145B on February 22, 2009.


WD145 is a 14.5 millimeter height track with three equally sized wings. In theory, these would bolster Defense, and reflect away attacks from below. However, in practice, all this would do is cause further recoil, and other tracks such as 230 have superior Defense. Even for Attack, which uses 145 height tracks often, this track is outclassed by H145 and GB145. WD145's protrusions have too little space between them to hit anything effectively, and it does not have an optimal weight distribution to offset this.


WD145 is outclassed for both Defense and Attack, as it does not offer any meaningful advantages over other Tracks for either. Therefore, WD145 should be recommended for collection purposes only.