Soap Carving

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I was soap carving for school today and i desided to make a beyblade. It was originally just for fun, but then i thought, why not make it actually spin? I made two prong holes in i so that i could launch it with a dracco spin launcher (the beyblade launcher would have been harder to make) Beyblade tips fit on it, so your soap tip does ware down and leave marks everywhere... then again, it would make cleaning more fun... anyhoo, try it yourself and do battles with them. I made Basalt Horogium, who will you make?
You could just make it fit a real energy ring so that you can launch it, but please leave pictures here of your work, and i'll try to do the same with mine.
Pics or it didn't happen.

In all seriousness though, pictures are required so this thread can remain open. Please have them up soon, thanks.
Sorry for not having pictures, but its some trouble to get them from the ipad to the computer to the WBO.
Email them as attachments to yourself and then download them to your computer aaaand then upload them to an image hosting site then finally get their URL.

Or upload them directly from your iPad to photobucket or imgur. And then get their URLs.
Or......... I could make a youtube video, upload it and give you the link.