SlingShock Mode Testing of Stock Combos

Here it is... finally: The results of my SlingShock Test Run.

Modes: Best of 5
Stadium: Cross Collision Stadium
Launchers: Original SlingShock Starters (with alternating launch order)
Beys: Original Stock Combos of turbo SlingShock Beys

-Rounds which last no longer than 5 seconds were repeated
-Rounds with self-knockouts were repeated
-Rounds, where Absorb-S / Eternal-S cheated themself into Battle Ring Mode were repeated

Out of possible 65 points (13 matchups each x 5 rounds):

Kraken K4 (51), Phoenix P4 (51), Typhon T4 (46), Fafnir F4 (39), Nepstrius N4 (37), Dullahan D4 (34), Cyclops C4 (33), Achilles A4 Black Edition (26), Rudr R4 (25), Right Artemis A4 (25), Surtr S4 (23), Salamander S4 (Def. Mode) (22), Left Astro A4 (21), Hercules H4 (14)