[Singapore]Tournament & Event discussion!

Topic is open for tournament and event discussion.

Old thread is sorta dead, and I cant really edit the first post =(. Might as well post a new one with a more specific topic. I will update the first post periodically for any updates be it confirmed or unconfirmed.



Anyone visiting which are interested in joining any of the tournaments, and are unsure, do drop me a PM.

Upcoming events:
West Mall (5th ~ 11 Nov) - Kenta, Ginga and Open Cat
United Square (Unconfirmed. November)
Takashimaya (Unconfirmed. November. Xmas toy fest)

Conclude Events
Quote:WBO @ Singapore 5/11/2011; Beginnings A
WBBA Open Cat @ vivo city TRU 29th to 30th Oct 2011
Buddy MFB @ Vivo City TRU 4PM 29th Nov 2011

Qualified League/Buddy MFB teams
Quote:Team XrossHart
Team Aura Jammer