Should Hosts Compete in their own Tournament?

(Aug. 03, 2013  4:45 PM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote: I know this is a necro (I'm almost positive I spelled that wrong..) But when I place in a tournament I host its not that I feel bad, It's that I feel that parents and sometimes the kids think my tournaments are rigged, I even got bashed at my second tournament for cheating, I run the brackets on my laptop and I let everyone have access to see the brackets (of course they can't insert their own scores/manipulate scores). I can't really celebrate if I win but I can act like "oh well this was expected" (which if ur a MI blader you know this is my brother's attitude lol). Another worry of mine is that parents will not want to bring their kids into a "rigged game" and stop bringing their children to tournaments and it wouldn't help that usually me and my brother place, on top of that he is one of my main judges and we both are the oldest bladers there.

We should have given you a T-shirt where we would have signed "xth place in BEYBLADE REVOLUTION North American Championship! Kai-V etc.", hopefully it would prove that even when not in your own tournaments, you do well, which is why you also do well in smaller events ...
I personally think that hosts should be able to choose what tornaments they take part in.

I mean parents should not frown apon the hosts for winning, the hosts are obviously people who like beyblade and the probbly want to play beyblade as much as their child does. Parents are also partly the reason why their child is losing as they are the ones who mostly provide the money for the beyblades.

Keep on blading mate, If you like doing it and you have the chance... Do it ! Grin