[Selling]  Wally's bey shop

Hey every one this is actually the first thread i'm posting on this forum. So i'm deciding to make this thread about bey blade part buying and selling, first things first mailing of parts is NOT an option the only way parts can be swapped, traded or sold/bought is only if you can go to the tournaments held at Dufferin grove park/ high park or can meet at the Erin mills area. I just added the list of parts i'm selling or trading, and the list of parts i'm trading/ buying for still stands. If an item is on ether list it is still applicable and i will be constantly updating these lists. The pictures are all in a drop-box folder because it would be to big to all put here

Clear Wheals
Metal Wheals/Chrome Wheals
Spin tracks
Performance tips
Friendly warning: You need to supply pictures with your username on a paper, otherwise the thread will get closed..
Why would he do that? He doesn't even have his selling list up yet.
ueggh, it's a pRe-minder.
Thank you for the pRe-minder OwnageDerp il make sure to have pictures with my name with the parts.
I can sell you an SR200 and possibly a TB and BWD, PM me Smile
I Might Possibly Be Able To Sell You An SA165 Smile
i think ill trade somthing
(Oct. 13, 2013  4:49 AM)Max88183 Wrote: i think ill trade somthing

what where you thinking of trading? feel free to pm me