[Selling]  WHOLE LOT FOR $50- Xcalibur, Odin, Deathscyther, RBV2 Beys, and Others

Getting rid of a lot of my Burst stuff. Most everything is in good condition, some worn more than others. The Valkyries have been pretty worn. The Xtreme on Xcalibur hasn't been too worn down. Everything else should be just fine and as pictured.

Ragnaruk Heavy Survive - $10
Wyvern Central Needle - $7
Valkyrie Oval Needle (x2) - $3
Odin Oval Fusion - $7
Deathscyther Oval Accel - $10
Odin Central Blow - $10
Xcalibur Force Xtreme - $15
Valkyrie Spread Survive - $7
Spriggan Heavy Defense - $10
Yggdrasil Ring Gyro - $10
The Whole Lot - $50

Shipping ranges from $3-$5 depending on how much you buy. PM me if you have any offers.

[Image: XNV4TW7.jpg]
[Image: v4ghh5j.jpg]
I'm now selling this whole lot for $50.
Would u by any chance include a launcher
If you can provide 2 launchers and a UK shipping quote, I would be very interested.
Uh, doesn't look like Half Nail's gotten around to updating this thread yet, but I actually already bought this lot from him late last week. Sorry guys...!
Spoilsport! Now where am I going to find a burst starter bundle this cost effective?
Enjoy your new beys though.