[Selling]  Selling Dragoon GT

Classic Plastic Beyblades 2003


Dragoon GT (Takara)
Dranzer F top (Hasbro) with Dranzer GT tip (Takara)

Inbox me with offers

[Image: IMG_20150623_000106.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150623_000120.jpg]
I am interested in both. I am not too sure on prices but how does 25 dollars for both sound? Again sorry if that is too low as I am a newbie here.

EDIT: After going around places and finding out prices I think 40 dollars is more of a fair asking price. Again, correct me if I am wrong.
Edit: Well I failed again, thought it was a Dragoon G. Only interested in the Dranzer.
Go on eBay and type in Dragoon GT or Dranzer GT
(Jun. 29, 2015  6:40 PM)Sun Wrote: Go on eBay and type in Dragoon GT or Dranzer GT

Wow I failed hard. Thought it was a Dragoon G haha.
Your Dragoon GT is not in perfect condition, don't expect to get a crazy price for it.
Dragoon GT seems to be in good condition. you may have 50$ for it. but the mixed Dranzer has no big value since its not the original. good luck for your sell!