HI this is BigOBangBlader and I am willing to trade if it is a good deal. Sorry but if you would like to trade please send first and I swear I will send you it.

Looking for
Dragoon MS {any type}
Dragoon MSUV {proto grey}
Wolborg MS
Phantom fox MS

Bsalt Horogium 145WD
Hell kerbecs
any limited edition MFB
I doubt that many people will want to send their beyblade to you first. I know that I wouldn't do that if I were to trade someone.
hows counter....nah to bad of a trade no one wants the old beys they stink
I swear on my life i will send after you send.
You should take some pictures.
How do you
(Jan. 19, 2011  12:59 AM)BigOBangBlader Wrote: How do you

You take pictures with a camera and upload them via USB cable?
I've decided to send first
I Realy want Wolborg MS and Dragoon MS for it.
Do you want to sold yout Sol Blaze ?
I have Dragoon MS, what am I getting out of this deal?
Do you want a burn fireblaze 135MS?
no I don't I wnat Wolborg MS,Drak efiigy MS or Dragoon MS white
well i dont have any of those beys so guess i cant trade with u
I have both hell kerbs and basalt horogium brand new in box. What will you offer me?