[Selling]  Plastic Shop! Selling My Entire Collection (Cyber Dragoon, Wolborg 4, Dragoon V etc)

Ill offer 19.00 for driger and dranzer[/align]
I wanna get rid of these FASTT come one dudes!!!
1st, only bump once every 48 hours.
2nd, damn bro chill out, bump less often and have some patience.
I WANT THIS. Maybe i'll buy it. Maybe I won't Smug
How much for the String Launcher and Grip?
(Jul. 28, 2012  11:45 PM)Dark Wizard Wrote: How much for the String Launcher and Grip?

The MFB grip is gone and so is the string launcher
Dude come on. Your whole thread is pretty much you bumping.
how much for the aquario?
I can go low on these items. I want to sell them QUICK
can i have the hms launchers mine all broke
Come onnn! Really need to get these sold ASAP
Do u live in westminster or near?
Do u have a return envelope?
Umm anyone? I really wanna get these sold