[Selling]  Plastic Beyblades FOR SALE: Rares in Low Prices

Hello everyone. In this thread I'm posting a few Beyblades for sale. They're all on account of a friend of mine from their personal collection, they're all in very good condition and in considerable prices. Some of them are prety rare, too. Check the pictures provided and if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyway or send me a PM and I will answer ASAP.
Once you've decided which one(s) you want to buy, you should make the payment as soon as you can and the chosen items wil be shipped the next day. All information will be provided in PMs. [/font][/size]The shipping cost is 5 dolars. Happy purchasing!

Draciel F: 10$
[Image: dracf1_zpsntmiwtmo.jpg]
[Image: dracf2_zps3j6kdgzd.jpg]
[Image: dracf3_zpsalchgil8.jpg]

Draciel S: 10$
[Image: dracs1_zpshboriw2h.jpg]
[Image: dracs2_zpsaetzmqjb.jpg]
[Image: dracs3_zpswqbdkb2e.jpg]

Desert Sphinxer (perfect Engine Gear) 60$
[Image: sphinx_zpsrljzq54g.jpg]
[Image: sphinx-side_zpshquiy1f5.jpg]
[Image: sphinx-bot_zpsluhvm9ty.jpg]

Note: If I'm violating any of the rules or my thread is missing any information, please post below and I will update the thread as soon as I can. Stupid
Sent you a Pm but no reply?
Apollon ,Rapid Eagle G and Galzzly SOLD
Apollon, Rapid Eagle G and Galzzly are SOLD. Draciel F and S are still available and Desert Sphinxer is added! Thanks to everyone for their purchases, I hope you have lots of fun with your new Beyblades!
Bumping the post, the price for Desert Sphinxer is now 60$! Joyful_3
Bumping the post, Draciels and D. Sphinxer are still available. ^^