(May. 21, 2019  7:54 AM)HXCY Wrote: Are these all working in regards to their mechanical functions ie Woborgs bearings or trygles spring lock

Yes that is correct !
Bump!!! Happy Tuesday! More stuff still available!
Draciel V
Phantom Fox MS
x2 Wing Defenser

Have now been sold
hey man do u still have desert sphinxer?
Just received order. Product in great shape. Fast shipping. Excellent seller!.
Purchased Dragoon F Crystal and Desert Sphinxer from the seller yesterday, beys arrived today in perfect condition.

Fast arrival and excellent seller. Highly recommend!
Beys still available! Need to knock off a few beys that have been sold. Shoot me a PM if you want to purchase
Update! Stuff is selling out! These items are now no longer available:

Desert Sphinxer
Dragoon F Crystal
RARE NIB Dragoon V2 Yellow Ver.
Customised Spring & Weighted Chome-Grip Launcher with Roller Support