Hey there. So its been almost 10 years since I last logged into WBO and I’m still getting used to the new layout, but I wanted to get my old HMS, plastic and MFB collection appraised as I do have a general idea of what everything used to cost almost 10 years back and I have absolutely no idea as to what it costs now. Much help would be appreciated if you could mention the beyblade/grip name along with its price in the comments or if you could directly inbox me. As of now IM NOT PLANNING TO SELL IT. Cause I’ll be selling it only after I get a general idea of the actual prices of my beyblades. Thank you in advance.

All of them are used but in good condition

HMS collection with customisable rubber grip - https://imgur.com/bp3aplZ

Plastic collection - https://imgur.com/KuGA8T7

MFB collection - https://imgur.com/Iik857L
They’re very difficult to see to give appraisals. Would you be able to take individual pictures (with bases) for the Plastics and HMS (not as important)

For the plastic Beyblades, I need to see the bases for the base stickers and a close up of the sticker quality. I’d they’re in bad condition, the prices go down.

The Dranzer MS could go between 100-120 (depending on sticker quality)
I can’t see the Dragoon MS to give a proper appraisal. Are the parts right?
Driger MS around 45-50 (if stickers are in bad condition, it would be less)
The rest, probably not much. 10-15 or less. Draciel MS and Strata Dragoon MS (Gaia Dragoon) are both really cheap NIB so you’d probably need to sell them in bulk.
Launchers+grips could go for a pretty penny, I think. Not quite sure but probably around 45-50.

Dragoon G and Dranzer G can go for a decent price if stickers are okay. Around $50 dollars each, if they’re TT, or higher if they’re Hasbro (with the winders). Dranzer V is common, inexpensive and is getting a Burst remake. 10-15 dollars, likely.

Due to the moulds leaking for MFB, most NIB outside of Hasbro exclusives and lottery/exclusive Beyblades are pretty cheap. You have most of the main ones. Probably not more then 8-12 dollars each except for Earth Aquila (Eagle). That would be a bit more expensive 10-15 depending on stickers.