[Selling]  MFB Beyblades and Red LR Launcher/Grip

[Image: unknown.png][Image: IMG_20200219_184323.jpg]

All TAKARA TOMY. Looking to sell these. PM me for prices and such. Serious buyers only please! Otherwise, for quicker answers PM me on discord at: polowogs#1638

Edit: By saying serious buyers only, I imply I know the worth of what I am selling. Please do not offer me a low price for the entire lot. Thank you!
Sol Blaze, Rock Aries, Counter Leone, Black PHW Pegasis have been sold.
Bump. Need to replace something so,
Jade Jupiter - $60
Lot of: Jade Jupiter, Rock Leone (any of the 2 in the picture), Meteo L-Drago (Rush), and Evil Gemios (all T.T) - $130

I am willing to replace some in that lot depending on your choices. I will also further work with you on these prices if necessary, but they are rather firm. Send me a message if interested.
how much does one cost
How much for the L\R string launcher cost and the
meteo L grago
Jade Jupiter had sold about a month ago. Still have many of the above Beyblades.