[Selling]  GalaxyGazer's trade Center

Ok i will be Trading my hasbro items for some takara items here are a list of all my beys and accesseries
Storm Pegasis (Custom bottom and track Super Vortex Ver)
Rock aries ED145B
Dark Gasher CH125FS
Storm Capricorn M145Q
Ripcord (Blue)
Stamina launcher Times two
Clear Attack launcher
Storm Capricorn launcher
Launcher Grip (Sagittario Ver)
Instruction Booklets
Ginka Hagani Poster
Extra Parts:
Flame Wheel
Sagittario Clear Wheel
Clear Ver 105
Flat Spike
Dark Metal Wheel
Wolf Clear Wheel
Blue Storm wheel
Pegasis Clear Wheel (Red Painted Version)
What I would like
Earth Virgo GB145BS
Burn Pheonix 135MS
Evil Gemios DF145FS
Clear Eternal Spike Yellow
i am getting a meteo l drago in stock on tuesday
sorry people but i can't give away the meteo l drago
Probaly getting some new stuff, and probaly gonna add more stuff to my "Want" list soon
nice i fond this post Smug
GalaxyGazer, if you are still going to use this thread for sales/trades you'll need to add photos. The mods will close it if you don't.
yeah yeah i will still use this and i will add pics soon