[Selling]  GEN 1 BEYBLADES RARE super rush UPDATED july 1

Letting go/selling
On some of my 1st gen beyblades. (Takara)

Most are used but in good condition.

What you see is what you get.

Link http://sta.sh/21viz1lifj3s

3 versions of dragoon all rare versions, 2 versions of dranzer
Driger different version,
Spike lizard, trygle no bit beast, flash, turtle,
Galman, voltaic ape

These including as well
click here for set 2

Dragoon rare, black dranzer super rare 80 dollars on ebay
Spike lizard
Seaborg no bit beast

Selling all these for
175dollars shipped already with tracking(payment only via paypal)
If your going to look at prices via ebay it will cost
400 or more excluding shipping

Im from philippines, see my profile for my feedbacks
On my transactions.

Link feedbacks

Thanks worldbeyblade.org
You can only 'BUMP' every 48 hours, Kristan Smile
Goodness you have quite the collection for plastics. Smile
do we also get the comforter and the paper?
BeyGabe it would cost extra, haha

Still available guys!!!