[Selling]  Dragoon MS + money for Dragoon MF

Hi Guys,
I would trade my mint/nearly nib Hasbro Dragoon MS and a little bit money for a NIB Dragoon MF. Payment would be through paypal. Interested members should pm me.

Sorry I´ve forgot. Pics for Dragoon MS on request. I´ve cut open the box but it is in a mint condition and I have closed the package with glue againSmile
Have a look here


Blah has one black dragoon mf , ask him if he is willing to do a trade + money , hope this helps ,

Best Regards ,

Problem with that one is that it isn't NIB and it has a blue version of the MF core. Also, I've asked blah about buying that and he isn't selling his HMS beys right now...
would you be interested in outright selling the dragoon ms?
pm me if you are
The last message was on the same day ... You cannot "bump" it already.
I'll do it. How much do you need?
Never Mind, my dragoon is a Dragoon MSUV
Pmed you about the Trade guyenSmile
Oh forget about the Never mind. Man, i keep on getting confused between those two. Good thing I Had my cousin
I got a picture but had to take the dragoon out. Don't worry, I'll put the stuff back