[Selling]  BeyFan's Selling Thread (Plastics, HMS, MFB) - Updated 15/6/19

I'll let my sister know what your selling. She's wanting Galeon and Flash Leopard again
Okay. But soon I'll be putting stuff up on eBay. And by soon, I mean tomorrow. There will be some things on the thread that I won't be posting tomorrow, since I'm waiting to hear back from people about their offers.
Can you reply to my pm please.
Okay, Wolborg MS & red Dragoon V are up on eBay. I'll be posting more items up soon.
What's up with the shipping man? I highly doubt it costs AU $30 to ship to the UK.
Actually for registered mail it is.
Normal mail is about $10 but registered costs a lot more.
but in malaysia..i can ship 100gram (one bey,more or less) for 3-4 usd...i think 10 is quite expensive right....
(Mar. 14, 2011  11:19 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: What's up with the shipping man? I highly doubt it costs AU $30 to ship to the UK.
Through eBay, I'll only be doing registered shipping. Of course, for Aussies postage is a lot cheaper. But since I don't want the hassle of putting up with people trying to scam me, I'm only doing registered shipping through eBay for international buyers. There is little to no risk to send stuff here in Australia, so I've given the options for regular mail for them.

Only other way I'd do it is on the WBO and that'd be with the person sending the money as a "gift" rather then as a "purchase" over paypal. That way, if they take the risk of regular shipping and it doesn't arrive, they get no refund. Can't really afford to be giving refunds since I'm just selling stuff that I either get for cheap or get in bey lots.

Not like I can run things like a business and carry stock. And yeah, Australia Post shipping ain't helping either. Cost around $25 to send a Dragoon MS to DarkFox and cost me $27 to send stuff to zatchi (I think that is his username...has a post somewhere on this thread) in the Netherlands.

Plus, registered post seems to be pretty quick. The Dragoon MS I sent to the Netherlands took about 6 working days and it took about 8 working days for it to arrive to DarkFox.

(Mar. 14, 2011  11:44 AM)benjohadi Wrote: but in malaysia..i can ship 100gram (one bey,more or less) for 3-4 usd...i think 10 is quite expensive right....
Yeah, Australia Post is a lot more expensive then other places. I mean AkirasDaddy, OkinawamTS, and wwqqyang can send me stuff express for around $12US....but I can only send express mail for around $50! Sucks...
Alright, changed my mind and have added a cheaper option for international buyers! Of course, I'm talking about my eBay auctions, lol.
My whole point was that the shipping was expensive. You decreased the shipping by two thirds then increased the buy it now price by the same amount... So you're now making an extra $20 that you weren't before. Your still paying exactly the same price. This also leads me to believe that you were gonna pocket a large amount of the shipping cost when it was $30. I mean why did you increase the buy in now price if you weren't. You just transfered the costs.
Well, I changed the buy it now price before I changed the postage costs. Which can be seen in the revisions that I made. Also, you can easily go to auspost.com.au and check out how much it costs to send registered shipping.

So no, I wasn't going to "pocket" part of the postage cost. Everything is readily available for you to check it out for yourself. I also have to think about the cost that it is to post the auction, which is already at $3.

And here is the link for the postage calculator:
Unfortunately, the prices it gives are $3 off the actual cost.

And decided to look at the cost to the UK for a parcel (I send stuff in small boxes for safety) and it is $24.70. Plus the $3 (which I have no idea where it comes from) comes to $27.70 for registered post.

One last thing, which is something I actually learned from you Ultrablader. If I really were going to "pocket" money from the postage cost...why would I then add that amount into the "buy it now" price? I'd be losing money, since eBay takes around 5% of the sales price...but that doesn't apply to the price of the postage.

Also, I have already expressed my feelings on "padding" postage costs on eBay with you in the past.
Fine but to me the whole point of reducing the postage was to reduce the price which you haven't done at all since you increased the buy it now price.
Well, it is an auction too...or did you overlook that? I've got a buy it now price along with people being able to bid on it. Just gives a chance for someone to swoop in on it for a price I'd like to sell it for.

But, there is no guarantee that it would even reach that price since most people will place bids on it. You're more then welcome to bid, but if you wish to continue to complain about things I've already explained, don't post on my thread.

Derailed it enough and I'm 100% sure that I have clarified everything for you.
UPDATED! Now selling a DEMS, photo is in the OP. Also, will be putting more stuff on eBay soon. So if you have any offers for some of my stuff keep sending them!
Alright, have now put NIB Galeon 2 and MINT Galeon Attacker up on eBay.
MSUV is sold. Also, there is like 16hours left on a couple of my eBay items. NIB Wolborg MS is at $26 and NIB Dragoon V (red) is at $12.50, both are at bargain prices right now!
Hoping to have some new stuff to sell tomorrow (fingers crossed), but still have some of the older things left to sell. Might be throwing together a bey lot soon.
I added a red Dranzer F to the Dranzer Lot...but it is missing all but the bit sticker.