hello, i am new to this site and was told to check out this site by a friend.
i have a bunch of beyblades that i picked up to resell because that's what i do as a hobby/part time job.

they are all brand new unless stated otherwise. i might have some old ones hanging around the house too but want to sell these new ones first. i usually sell on ebay but since these toys are relatively cheap i don't want to pay outrageous fees so i came here instead.

i would like payment in GBP because i may soon be moving to England.
i am currently located in Canada, so cheap shipping within the country is almost non-existant unless you buy multiples but i can ship two toys for the price of one.


Price List:

I am asking £5 per "Beyblade Legends" toy and £7 per "Beyblade Shogun Steel".


Shipping is available worldwide. I will not ship in a box for the prices mentioned, that can be done at extra cost.

Shipping costs:

-Ontario £4
-Eastern Canada (NL,QC) £5
-Maritimes (NB,NS,PEI) £6
-Central Canada (MB,SK) £5
-Western Canada (AB,BC) £6
-Northern Canada (YK,NWT,NT) £7

-Northeastern States: £5
-Midwestern States: £6
-Northwestern States: £7
-Western States: £7
-Southwestern States: £8
-Southeastern States: £7

Great Britain & Ireland: £8
Europe: £8
Asia: £9
Africa: £11

Here are the photos of toys for sale:



Hmm if you're movingto England and still have some unsold, I'm assuming the shipping costs will be cheaper ?
I'm currently in Canada for the time being, and moving isn't a guarantee so shipping is still ridiculous prices set by Canada Post.
But I can ship two Beyblades for the cost of one, because the dimensions are technically the same when packed together.
Uh if you are doing payment via paypal then it will allow you to change the currency in your account easily. It won't make any difference really.
What beyblades do you have? i'm looking specifically for Galaxy Pegasus and Rock Leone
you can go to ashton pintos thread.
He have rock leone but i have only seen a galaxy wheel in his photos, don't know if he have a whole galaxy pegasus.
But you must check here-

Hi, may I know what shipping company you use?