[Selling]  All Hasbro Made MFB. UK Stock

Up for grabs is:

BB30 Rock Leone 145WB SOLD
BB43 Lightning L Drago 100HF SOLD
BB48 Flame Libra T125ES SOLD

All Hasbro made, new and sealed.
These will be posted from U.K. Smile
All include light launchers and U.K. length ripcords.
Paypal payment only please.
PM Offers

On WBO every hour and then lol, so i'll be able to get back to you pretty quick Smile
whats the point of this???? we can go to our local store 4 these
it depends were you live

different stores may or may not have the same beys
I admit rock leone is not rare or anything, plus i'ts been sold lol. I'll edit that now.
But yes, Flame libra and L drago are fairly hard to find Smile
I found s capricorn at T.J Huges (of all places) so i think hasbro are further realsing beyblade
Ps i live in M'bro any chace of finding good beys
All sold now guys!
Thanks for your interest and support!

Would appreciate it if a moderator/admin could close this please Joyful_2