Sasha Hiwatari's Newsletter: All-In-One ART & AMVs [+ LINKS]


Hi, fellow Bladers!
I'm new here so I'll introduce myself.

Beyblade has been in me heart since I remember - I grew up on it and I remember how impatiently were I waiting for another episode of the legendary 1. season (anyone here remembers it or am I the last dinosaur? [Image: 1f609.png] )
As I'm a video editor, I decided one day to let my imagination flow and to make my first ever AMV bazed on the 1. season. It started with the first vide and continues on my new Beyblade-dedicated channel. As long as with my heart I'm so into the original series of 3 first seasons, most of videos would be based on them, however maybe in time I will wrk on other series as well.
Here you have the link to my channel - Sasha Hiwatari.
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Let it rip!

[SH's NEW Beyblade AMV!]

Hi there, fellow Bladers!
My newest AMV is out!
If any of you is a fan of Sailor Moon, they're gonna have a double pleasure 😊

CHALLENGE: If Sasha Hiwatari's channel earns 10 new subs thanks to the intro, I'll start working on another AMV!
Have a nice time watching!