Some of my friends and I are holding a tournament in Colorado Springs, and I am looking for people to join.  I already have over the 8-person requirement, at around a dozen or so, and I'm just looking for some more people to fill it out.  It'll be super chill, just a couple dozen people in whatever room we get.  There will be prizes for the top three, maybe four, and it will be a single-elimination tournament.  We will have snacks as well!  It's being held in New Life Church in Colorado Springs, which is a huge church that has room to use.  Basically just come into the church and someone will be there to tell you where to go. I'm not sure if I'll register it on the WBO website, but anyone and everyone can come.  Maximum Garuda and Revive Phoenix are banned.  Just for fun, because I'm sure no one will bring it, I'm banning the single layer Kerbeus and Spriggan as well.  If you were planning on bringing one of these two, let me know! 

Thanks in advance, and RSVP below!

Sorry, forgot to post the date.  It's Wednesday, October 24, starting at 2:00 PM.  No set ending time.
Seriously? Like, no one? Ok. I guess it's just me and my friends, then.

Please, if you have the time to read this, just tell me you won't be. If there are no bladers in the area, that's ok too.
Hi Pankace!

Unfortunately, we don't allow advertising of events that aren't WBO, TT or Hasbro sanctioned. I'll be closing your thread now.

If you wish to advertise your event, I ask that you please submit your official proposal for it and have it approved as a WBO sanctioned event.