[SELLING] My ENTIRE Beyblade Collection! MFB, Burst, & Zero G!

(Apr. 11, 2017  12:54 AM)Sunburnninja Wrote: Your ebay is empty

contact him on google hangouts, line or PM him
(Dec. 29, 2016  1:08 PM)ashton pinto Wrote:
(Dec. 29, 2016  10:02 AM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: PM sent

He said that he only ships to the US

Hello ships worldwide.
Looking for tt burst parts and beys.
What is remaining in your Burst stock?
(Sep. 02, 2017  2:21 AM)AndyHG Wrote: What is remaining in your Burst stock?

Almost everything, pm me ur interests
what do you have left for burst now?
i pm'd you with an inquiry
how much for twisted tempo