SACRAMENTO, California bladers

I am a parent and my kid wants to participate in a tournament but does not want to go far so I would like to know if anyone else would like a tournament near here, and if so could someone schedule one.
I've been interested in hosting around the area, just I don't exactly know when I have the chance. That and I really don't know if they are any bladers in the area in general.
Well my son says thare is a big bey club at his school.
I was born in seattle but I was raised in here in the west el Camino area. I would love to see a nor-cal community build. It would also be good for bladers from reno or sanfrancisco, Sac is a good central place where a lot of bladers in the area could meet. If you need any help feel free to dm me anytime!
i would partiapate in a torny in that area