(Romania) Any bladers here?

Are there any bladers in Romania?
Hello? This thread is still going?
Well, i think we're the only romanian bladers here , unfortunately.
It's sad looking at the fact that we actually hand so much more people in the metal saga era, that just vanished out of nowhere Uncertain I really hope that the people in our country come back to beyblade
Well since no tv channel is brodcasting the show it's gonna be tough to have people geting into beyblading again , that's a shame , we had the first 2 seassons of beyblade after that we had the metal series and now nothing from burst generation , anyway check me on instagram :beyblade.legacy ( collection , 3d printed beyblades and more).
(Apr. 05, 2018  7:01 PM)Basalt Fox Wrote: Are there any bladers in Romania?

da sunt

i got a idea how bout we make some discord server and advertize it and get everyone interested in beyblade from Romania in there