Richmond,Virgina,Usa Anyone near here wanna start something for this area ^_^

I belive that we dont get a lot of tournament around here (including a beyday)

Anyone wanna help start something with me hopefully alot of people help this thread so it wont go down hill or nothing :3
You committed to going to the tournament that was today and then backed out, yet you want to host your own? This is extremely annoying and a slap in the face.

After today, I highly doubt Virginia will see a tournament for a very long time.
-____- i thought i said my step dad turned around and said he had to pay bills so i coulda came but i wouldnt be able to pay to get in i couldnt even go to newport news to see my DAD *sob * thought u were nice lady
I'm nice when people don't disrespect me with excuses.

If you aren't reliable, you make a bad host. End of story.
I'm nice when people don't disrespect me with excuses.

Things Happen in life .if you said you were gonna host a tournament and someone in your house was terribly ill or something you would cancel right? or would the tournament be more important?

-__- i really don't like arguments it puts me in a bad mood .Anyway if mods can just close the thread or something