Restricted Format Combos

Tornado Balance Survival Combo:

BP: 3rd Mold
AR: Advanced Balancer
WD: 17g CWD
CWD: Cog Shaped One From RBA 1
RC: Metal Sharp Core

Idea: Simple. Survival without the aid of the Bearing Core. It seems to hold up well against other "Restricted" Legal combos.

Tornado Balance Type S Attack Combo:

BP: 3rd Mold
AR: Slash Upper
CWD: Defense Ring
RC: Flat Core (MAMS version)

Idea: Again, a Restricted legal attack combo. Works well, but nothing compared to grip flat cores Pinching_eyes
These combos are good..I also have an addition
BP: 3rd Mold
AR: Jiraiya Blade
WD: 17g CWD
CWD: Free Survivor
RC:Metal Sharp Core

concept: i was thinking along the lines of a good and solid defense type in the tornado balance stadium..this is best used in left should be focused into the center to maintain good defense and the AR would be able to use its high smash to deflect attacks and still have some attacking power to fight against blade of the same height and the free survior could help delfect upper attacks
I don't really see the point in restricted format combos. Of course the majority doesn't have every single beyblade part so pretty much everyone has to customize within his or her limits.
this was made to help people who feel lost on what they can now use and othe suggestions instead of relying on one combo
The restricted format isn't even close to finalized yet, so I'm closing this.