[Report] Bey Bash: Awakening August 25, 2012

This is the first official WBBA - WBO Joint Tournament in Indonesia.

At first, I was approached by PT. Emway Globalindo as the official distributor of Takara Tomy beyblade in Indonesia.

They knew about us from facebook since we are very active in a group that we created & help others to gain more depth knowledge about beyblades. Our younger passport holders also participate in a lot of WBBA tournaments & almost won all the prize. This year's Indonesia's representative for World Championship ia also WBO passport holder.

After the national championship, the participants of WBBA tournaments went down quite a lot, usually ranging below 20 persons. So, PT. Emway asked about me on facebook & I had a meeting with them about 2 weeks ago. They have a Toy Fair in one of the biggest shopping mall in Jakarta & want me to host a joint tournament.

We had a wonderful time eventhough there were some hiccups during the event. We could not print the double elimination format because their printer was broken, so I had to rely on my Ipad to write down every results. 42 participants attended the tournament. Most of them are new participants & some of them didn't know about WBO. PT. Emway provided the prizes for the winners (worth $350 in total). It was a success & they decided to do another joint tournament for the closing day on Sept 1, 2012. They even move us up before their own Team Battle tournament on the same day. So they prioritize the joint tournament.

This is a start of a wonderful cooperation between WBO & WBBA & PT. Emway as their representative in Indonesia. I just hope everything will go smoothly. Now, we are in the talk to do this joint tournament monthly.

Kudos to you on representing WBO in the local scene! Congratulations for a successful collaboration. I sincerely hope it's the beginning of many more to come.

Also, 42 participants was an excellent turnout, considering the circumstances. I hope the minor setback on the DE print outs was not a major concern.

I trust that everybody had a great time then? Any impression from PT Emway and the fresh players about WBO Organized Play? Let's hope they can become active members in the future and find our Organized Play competitive and refreshing.

Pictures here by Real Madrid
There was 1 participant who had paid me for the passport fee & I will collect at least 2 more fees on the upcoming event.

PT Emway was very pleased with the tournament & hope that we will have more joint tournaments in the near future. Right now, we are talking about an event which they will launch Zero G beyblades officially in Indonesia & we are going to have some workshop & joint tournament lined up.

Btw, PT Emway has choosen Real Madrid & blitz300 as their brand representatives for Takara Tomy beyblade in Indonesia.
That's great!

Also, don't forget to email them our WBO logo and the URL worldbeyblade.org. They are most welcome to attach it in their promotional flyers for any collaboration events in the future.
I have given them WBO logo & they put it in a banner. I just didn't have the time to take the picture of it. I was so busy during the tournament making sure that we have the correct sequence of matches. Didn't want to mess that one up. I will take the picture before the event next time.
Lol. You're way ahead. *two thumbs up*

Well, I guess now quite a lot of people know which one is me. I am the one With an ipad on my laps & a lot of papers & pen in my hands, sitting in the corner on my beyblade box :p