(Report) 4/2/15 (Berlin, CT) TBR Qualifier

Overall, very fun event today. We were going to start with 9 people originally, but Yondu got sick last night and Haspro had to do some unexpected, last-minute Easter shopping with his mother. We ended up with 7 players and were actually able to still host thanks to the new participant limit.

Bullchamp, Fireblaze, and I arrived early, around 2:30. Two new members, Outsiderspy and NotFireblaze420 (he couldn't think of a good name, so Fireblaze suggested this, haha). Then BradB arrived around 3:15 and we began around 3:35.

The regular tournament play was really fun (first time for a few of the players doing Limited and they really liked it). A lot of the combinations used (both winning and not-winning) were pretty unique and fun to battle. Everyone had their own parts today, so it worked out perfectly. BradB and Fireblaze were tied for second, but Fireblaze won the tie-breaker. He went on to battle me in the finals, which were really fun and intense for the both of us. Bradb placed third, Fireblaze placed second, and I placed first.

Another great CT event and an even better Qualifier. Everyone had a blast today.