Rate my new custom please !!!

As you know V2 blades have support parts, i just came up with this custom, tell me what you think....

AR - Dranzer V2
WD - Driger V2
SP - Upper Attack (Driger V2)
SG and BB - Dranzer V2
I don't understand the concept.
I'm not sure if this is the best. If you have Dranzer V2 go with:
AR: Dranzer V2
WD: Ten heavy
SG: Neo Right SG (MG Core)
SP: Dranzer V2
BB: Dranzer V2
He's trying an upper combo like Driger V2's, but worse, it seems.
Either use uncustomized Driger V2 or what Shikamaru posted. They are both good.