Random bey battle location or stadiums

(Aug. 28, 2010  10:51 PM)Quetzel Wrote: People, just for the sake of your beyblades, do NOT play on anything other then a plastic stadium. Trust me. I have had some cousins who really wrecked there tips because of playing in a metal bowl. Buy Thunder Whip at least. It's not the best stadium in the world but it is affordable and will save your beyblades.

the idea of the thread isnt to do stuiped things but to say them if you allready do it

keeping the condition of your beyblade is important

thats why you say what you did not try something stuiped
(thats my job)
My friends and I had been blading for a few years, we spotted a big old sattelite dish down my road that someone was throwing out. Nabbed it, propped it up in the garden with chairs and had some of the best battles of our lives week on week.