[RE-OPEN]Death Bro's Signature and Avatar Palace [RE-OPEN]

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This is my attempt of a sig shop
I will try my best to complte all signatures
Previous Work
Good luck Nice to see new people trying graphics its pretty good for a first try
(Jun. 21, 2012  1:44 AM)DeltaFate Wrote: Good luck Nice to see new people trying graphics its pretty good for a first try

Any Requests?
New Example in the OP.
Hi I have a request:
Size: 500x200
Pics: Death Quetzalcoatl and Goku
Background: A Temple
Text: EpicJoey247 and Ancient Wrath
Here you go EpicJoey247:
[Image: goku2.jpg]
Thanks! I will definetly give you credit bro!
you should try rendering the image befor pasting it on the sig because it just looks like you took some pics and threw them on there not to be rough and all but its just some advice
I understand you're a beginner, but at least render the image, and try making your own backgrounds.
Okay guys, I was using carppy software here is my new example:
[Image: EitoUnabara.png]
idk how to make my own backgrounds, sorry!
Try using a more professional program. Your sigs are alright, and where do you get the pictures of the beys animated like that? I've been looking everywhere for them.
Does Anyone have any requests?
I am giving away the Eito Unabara signature, just ask
Why no one post?
Bro stop bumping your shop. People may not request because they dont want to.

Thanks for the advice Milk, but it seems no one wants my sigs so I will wait until it happens. See yal. I'll be back when I'm better at GFX
Want me to guide you or show you about how to make signatures?
That may be a good step for you if yes.
Yes please! Thank you. It may not work cuz I'm on my iPod but okay!
This can't work right now because I can't get on the comp right now.
I have decided to open back up the shop! Not that it matters to anyone...
Thanks to Renpt0 fir inspiring me
*Like a Artist*
To make you happy I want you to make me a signature with random things, just that you like and then put it in examples Smile
Thanks Renpt0, New examples in OP.
I will be showing you more about signatures tomorrow so you understand how it works Smile
Ayyy, Death Bro. Could you make me an avatar for The Hundreds? *Its a little bomb logo for a clothing brand I like. It would be awesome if I could have this one. ---> http://www.google.com/imgres?q=the+hundr...EDg&zoom=1