Quake: Not as bad as you think!

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I was recently looking at worst blade combos, and I noticed loads of people (Including me) saying that quake is bad. I was messing around and found: If used with Earth and 100 it's actually an epic combo if used correctly; it destroys stamina types!
pls post test...it wont really prove us.
Earth + 100 + Q Eh?
Tests to back it up.
And what exactly are the Stamina types you tested against.
Dude, we do know that Quake tip does produce some awesome speedy attacks(rarely), but that's not proof that its awesome. Well, just what Aquila said, we want to know which Stamina combo was 'killed'. I hope that you are not using a Hasbro stadium, coz let me tell you, I've seen a battle between Storm Capri M145Q vs LLD100HF in a Hasbro stadium, and yes, Capri won....
I tested Q myself recently. It is just really bad. Almost anything can defeat Stamina combinations, because Q does not make it a Stamina type either, however it does not fit into any of the other types well either.