[Puerto Rico, USA] Looking for Bladers from Puerto Rico

Hey guys, I'm searching for Bladers from Puerto Rico so we can start doing WBO Tournaments over here in the island. So post here if you are from Puerto Rico and like Beyblades! To start it off post your strongest Beys, that you currently use. You can post in English or Spanish.

It's Jose I am not sure if I will come but I will do my best:\
Hey guys, I'm trying to organize the 1st Ever WBO Tournament in Puerto Rico. So post here if you would like to go to the Tournament and any other questions you may have about me or the Tournament. For now it will be at the Centro de Convenciones in San Juan and it will also be part of Puerto Rico Comic-Con 2013. Invite any and all of your Blader friends to this thread.
I'm definitely going!!! I'm surprised no one from WBO on Puerto Rico has done one yet! My favorite Beyblade is MF Twisted Kerbecs BD145 CS!!!
im definately going to!!!! im going with my archer dragooon c145s
I'm going lol and watch out cause I'm going to win! I'm the number one blader in the island! XP I'm gonna kick some bey with my MF-H Duo Striker II BD145CS
XDStupidHey sup guys. As team leader of the Puertorican team: Team Sky Legend. I will defenetly and must go. Hey Zeo-g lets show what Team Sky Legend can do!!!!!! some other friends of mine are going as well. Im init for Comicon as well. Im going to dress up as pit from the game kid icarus uprising. I will defenetly going to enjoy this!!!
hey zero dont count on it cuz i think i am going and me and phoenic are gonna win yeah Wink
Haha! Team Sky legend will take the win in Comic-Con, I'm Training Heroic and he is improving fast! Wink Anyways, wish you all the best of lucks and may the best blader win!!!!!
hey i am in team sky legend too and i train like noother blader
XDXDAlright team, lets win this thing!!! lets show what Team Sky Legend can do!!!
People en ENERO voy a hacer un Torneo! Sugieran nombres para el Torneo! Espero hacerlo en Caguas, por ahora.
Talves lo podemos llamar The Beyblade Battle Bash!
yeah i like that name XP
Yes, it totally sticks with the mini torney...... So I sugest we choose my idea...........
hey!! im gonna enter!!!! *epic entrance* go Spiral Pegasus III 105MF!!
The Tournament will be called Caguas Beyblade Bash and it will be on January 26. (for now)
Um. no. Its called The Beyblade Battle Bash! And I hope everybody comes and do there best. Were going to host the battle bash in my neighborhood.
im going... and know that i have plans on winning this tournament.
Well I hope the entire Team Sky Legend will be there. And do there best. I look forward into meeting you all. Remember, the torney will be in my neighborhood. Ill be the first one on being there.
I know you suggested The Beyblade Battle Bash but I shortened it down to Beyblade Bash. Its gonna be on January 26 and it will be in Mansiones de Ciudad Jardin de Bairoa in Caguas.
GOING!!! To the Caguas one too!
I'm going and I'm ready to rumble XD
Very cool guys, waiting for a few people to get back to me so I can then take it to Kai-V.