[Puerto Rico] Any blader here?

If you live in Puerto Rico and want to battle just Pm me or post here.
Hey wats up breily ranger.Im sorry that i answer this post now.Nice to meet you im PRO EAGLE im new here and i just joined this summer.I am a puertorican blader i had won a lot of tournaments lately with my life long bey earth eagle.Sincerely PRO EAGLE.Wink
sorry to show up late Brielyranger, so yeah... i am a blader, i live in PR so... sure!! lets batlle some day!! Smile
theirs a tournaments in puerto rico when
(Jul. 19, 2012  8:57 PM)Mariah2134 Wrote: theirs a tournaments in puerto rico when

There are none planned at the moment.
Hi people if u want to go to a tornament i will try to make one in Palmas del mar Humacao puerto rico
To enter if ill do it pm me and check the user map for my location and ull jnow where it is if i make the tournament the cost will be 1 dollar to raise up for the prizes

I mean know in jnow
Try not to double post. Also, all the tournament organisation should be done in public in this thread, and the World Beyblade Organization has an entry fee of five dollars.
I'm a blader in PR that's a probably a good idea don't u think guys?
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