Prepping for First Tournament. Wanting combo advice.

Hey y'all. Grew up with metal fusion as a kid. Found out about the current burst tournament scene after Beyblade youtubers who were young adults about my age kept coming up in my youtube shorts. I decided to grab some Beys and jump back in after over a decade since The Circuit is gonna be in my part of NC this December and it looked fun.

Currently I have 4 Hasbro Pro Beys,
-Union Achilles D77-0/PR-02
-Prime Apocalypse DR44D-P/PR-19
-Sword Valtryek D72-P/PR-13
-Wizard Fafnir D70-P/PR-14

Ive messed around with customizations and right now im sitting on these,

-Union Achilles D70-P/PR-02(Stamina Mode)
Decided to swap in the D70-P since it is only really compatible with stamina tips, otherwise the scrape was so bad it killed the spin immediately. Plus by moving it to a right spinner, the blades dig in like claws on anything that low profiles it and the direction it ratchets in wont cause it to burst if it catches on another right spinner.

-Prime Apocalypse D77-P(Attack Mode)/PR-13
I scaled the parts and found Prime Apocalypse is one of the heavier ones, and with it including the infinite lock system i wanted to fully invest on aggressive attack movement. PR-13 being a rubber tip lets it acheive that aggression, but without something to offset the weight it will burn out all its spin quickly on the edge of the stadium, hence why I threw D77-P Attack Mode into the build. The attck mode adds more weight to one side upsetting the balance, allowing it to trace smaller and quicker loops that cut closer to the middle of the stadium to really leverage its attack speed against its opponent. Normally I try to experiment with launch angles to mitigate attack types sticking to the outer lip, but the rubber tip ended up making it just rapidly slam itself into the edge over and over when first launched, so D77-P really feels like the most consistant answer to that problem. 

-Wizard Fafnir D72-P/PR-14
For being my one spin stealer, I wanted my combo to maintain a high stamina above all else. I tried the other tips several different times but I just cant give up on PR-14. The wide flat surface the point sticks out of has proven on several test matches to be what keeps the bey upright just barely long enough to outspin the opponent when it comes drown to a last millisecond stamina fight. As far as using D72-P, I ended up wanting to go with the more even, rounded option of my remaining parts so it can balance better. The only other part left being DR44D-P, which is slightly less wide, the 2 axis are not the same width, and of course lacks the shock absorbtion feature of D72-P.

-Sword Valtryek DR44D-P/PR-19
This one i have the least to say about since its the inevitable cobbling together of the leftovers. Not a big fan of the final drive gimmick on PR-19 since you're taking a bey thats losing spin and killing its stamina even faster at a point in the match where going into attack mode isnt going to be as effective as if it were still at full spin speed. Though ill give Sword Valtryek credit where its due, since its burst lock teeth feel quite strong even though it only takes 2 clicks to burst.

One last thing,
I also just ordered 2 Takara Tomy Beys which will probably be my last purchase at least until the tournament.

Ill be getting Guilty Longinus Karma Metal Destroy-2, as well as, Greatest Raphael Over High Extend+, here in a few days, which i believe should be compatible with the Hasbro Pro Series from what I've heard. I'd love any comments or suggestions on potentially improving on what I have now, as well as any ideas I can get right to play testing as soon as the Takara Tomys get to me in a few days. 

Hope to see some of yall at the Circuit in NC on December 3rd!

Edit: upon further testing,PR-02 on Union Achillies was not tall enough so against attack types, the moment it started tipping, D70-P started scraping the floor really hard. Swapped it back over to Wizard Fafnir so its using the stock build again and Union Achillies has D72-P on it now.