Post Your Desktop

What can I say, Call Of Duty Black Ops is Great.
[Image: picture1stm.png]
raiehan, that's just creepy. It's pedo-bear combined with the bed intruder song. O.o
My desktop now:
Haven't posted mine in a while:

(May. 10, 2011  9:23 PM)Kei Wrote: Haven't posted mine in a while:

The background looks amazing and your desktop is pretty tidy aswell.

Well this is my desktop.
The background is something i put together.
My toolbar doesn't fit in, just need to figure out how to change it.
mine changes but it seems to stay the same three, what ever im in the mood for. here are the main three i use for my computer.

im waty too lazy to put them in a spoiler or something.
a challenger
and kaitou kid.
[Image: 12962702861.jpg]
I felt like a 007 mood. I've had the theme stuck in my head for a few days, plus the logo is really cool Smile
Mine is a slideshow of about 50 different pics so Ill just post a few.
It's kinda big... In fact, it's REALLY big. Sorry, couldn't find a smaller picture. Haruhi is very angry with you...
Lots of clutter XD
This is the Background I made for my friend, but I use it myself anyways, lol

AWESOME SAUCE (Click to View)
Simply the best.

[Image: s.png]
(May. 24, 2011  6:33 PM)Vamasco Wrote: Still love Piraka !

so your a bionicle Fan,ey?
and heres mine:
hehe, mines borrrrrrrring
^ is boring to the extreme where your eyes bleeeeeed(insert bleeding eyes here)
[Image: screenshot20110530at902.png]

My desktop used to be messier on the right side.

Everything I need is in all of those folders lol. That said my entire hard drive is hard to navigate due to the overall organization being nonexistent.
I win
This is the current background that I set ten seconds apart from each other on a loop.

Btw, i make my own backgrounds, lol
Despite me recently posting my desktop, I changed it.

By far my favorite anime series (and I don't even like most anime to begin with).

[Image: screenshot20110602at951.png]
What anime is that, exactly? Right now looks like Super Sentai on steroids.
As I would have created a gigantic essay about the anime to post in this thread, I created a topic instead.
[Image: computerbackground.jpg]

Uploaded with
It's a picture I found on google images because I was bored. I screwed around with a lot of stuff afterwards such as contrast. Then added effects and wrote my name down into the picture.
The Sprite Aquarium!!!
Since I make Pokemon sprites I decided to make my desktop a fish tank filled with aquatic sprites which I made myself. It also has this sprite even though you are can't see it [Image: th_Seamonkey.png]. It's the super duper awesome cool seamonkey which are what my files are and the are scattered across the desktop so that is why you can't see them. I am still making more sprites for the aquarium but I have run out of ideas so could someone please tell me something else to put in my fish tank either in this thread or the Poke-fusion lab where the link is in my sig.