Pokemon Generation 9 Megathread

The Gen 9 Legendaries look Awesome and High Tech and we get to see some New Pokemon that'll be worth catching and trading is still in here and you'll be able to play with 4 People just like Sword and Shield.
This game actually looks really good. Both Kegendaries look awesome, the starters look even better in game, and the new Pokémon look incredible.
What's your guys views on pig taking over the net?
I wish I had stumbled upon this thread earlier. Thanks for sharing the news about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet anyway. I'm really excited. The Starter Pokemon look amazing, too, especially Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokemon. I'd also like to add that if you want to take your Pokemon gaming experience to the next level, you can also purchase a top-notch Pokemon account with advanced features at https://igitems.com/pokemongo-account. This will definitely increase your gaming capabilities and make the gameplay even more fun and exciting. Can't wait to catch 'em all!
I want ash back Unhappy