Please help me make a good combo

ok hi everyone i want to make 3 beys i want them to be more on the stamina side and less on the attack side i want to make a good balanced bey. so what im working with is: Energy rings- saggitario, 2 wolfs, leone, and ldrago. fusion wheels- ldrago, storm, flame, and 2 darks. spin tracks- DF145, H145 , and 100. Performance tips- WD, Q, and Fs. i appreciate anyones help and remember i want a well balanced bey that doesnt main on one stat. for example i dont want lightning ldrago 100 Q. i want something that has a spread of all stats.remember i need three beys that are all well balanced thanks for your help !
okay hi you should do this in the build me a combo thread
Use the Build me a Combo thread.
EDIT: Beat.