Please help me

SO here are some combos, and I was wondering if they will be effective:

Attack : Variares GB145 R2F

Defense: Death Cancer S130RB (defense mode)

Balance: Scythe Cancer 230 SD (Stamina mode)

Stamina: Phantom cancer BGrin (Stamina mode)

Spin Steal: L drago Destroy BGrin (Absorb mode)

Can someone please tell me?

Also there's an "illegal combo I made", which is Fusion Fusion (both the rubber parts with the PC frame fused together) D125 with no tip. YOu just gently set it down in the stadium and no matter which beyblade your opponent sends you still crazy spin.
A bit late and besides you saying to never contact me again, I don't mind helping out with this. I'll put each of those against attack, defense, and stamina types respectively and let you know the results
They will be put against

Attack: Beat Striker 100 Hf (attack mode

Defense: Fusion Cygnus 130 B (Defense mode

Stamina: Phantom Kronos AD145 WD (Attack mode, as we all know its better than stamina mode in every way
jayson12121212 the thread is pretty old by now.

This also doesn't need to be a thread, you can post combo advice here instead: