[Plattsburgh, NY, USA] CBA (Champion Bladers Associations)

hey guys im making a beyclan called cba champion bladers associations if u want to join just comment with ur name beyblades and how long youve been blading

Prince Wave
I`ll join! What State do you live in? Just wanna know so we can make a headquarters and you can make meetings!
UMM..... You need to add more detail or i will mark as close!
What city\State do you live in?
plattsburgh ny and what details r needed
(Apr. 07, 2011  12:48 AM)beyruler123 Wrote: plattsburgh ny and what details r needed

Just details, nothing special just give more infromation!
Can I join Ive Been Blading For About 3years ever since i got My Blade But My Knowledge is 5years
o and My Blades Are Draciel SWG and Dranzer FSW
do you have metal fight beys