[Plastics] :: Q&A Thread

I don't see why you'd do that. I mean atleast donate them somewheres ...
I doubt anyone would like fake Plastics, though...
This is off topic but I really don't think littler kids would know or even care, haha.
Your local charity would be nice to give them away. I'd just feel sorry if the kids thought they were legit and then made an account on here and got told "there fake", hah. Or..... they might not care, hah.
It's better than no beyblades at all...

Sorry for the off topic posts. I'll stop it.
Hai, hai. You did the right thing by ending the conversation. We are making improvements on not fighting, hah.

I have a question: Is original Seaborg got any useful parts ?
Invert the rubber tip and you have a legal and great attacker Base, not inverted, it's a good defence base. Why didn't you just look on beywiki? http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/Seaborg
I couldn't find the article. Thanks for the help!
It's on the front page LOL, in the recently updated article section. I just put Seaborg in the search box and it brought me straight to the article...
Okay, I was to lazy and I forgot we had Beywiki. That's the truth.

Now we are going off-topic I need another question so it isn't SPAM: How much is Seaborg worth ?
Not much. There's NIB ones on Ebay for 20-30 usd.
Thats on the wiki too, the price list haha

Or not I can't see it, $20.

Also, why is bearing gyros worth $40 according to that edited list, its worth way more than that, right.
I can't use that list as it doesn't have GBP. It really should as I've seen plenty of British buyers and sellers.

Thanks for the help guys!
Listing the prices in all the currencies would be way too much.

Also, it was Zain who did most of the prices for plastics.
My fakes have no launchers. Our family already donates my old toys away, anyhow Smile
I remember doing quite a lot of them actually I made a thread on it and it just disappeared
So I've bought the following beys:
Dragoon G
Dranzer G
Draciel G
Driger G
Gaia Dragoon V
Metal Driger
Gaia Dragoon G
Rock Bison
Wolborg 4
Flame Pegasus
Dragoon GT
Dranzer GT
All Takara, NIB except a mint Dragoon GT, and a used Dranzee GT with the box. But all are Takara.
Are these all of the G-Revolution beys?
I meant anime wise...
So that's it?
I honestly can't remember if the runt used Gaia Dragoon G or V in G-revolution first haha
Apart from that, yes they are all G revolution purchases.
Haha! Yes I'm so happy!
He started with Gaia Dragoon V, then Pierce Hedgehog exploded and damaged it heavily.
Kenny made and gave Daichi Gaia G in Egypt.
There you go then, ha
You're not too far off the full set barring errrrr, Thunder Pegasus and Desert Spynxer "which I both totally have Tongue_out)
I only count the boosters.

Although Thunder Pegasus is amazing <3 Julia and Raul
Anime wise, you're missing Barthez Battalion, the Divers, Apollon, Venus, and Poisedon, and Galeon 2. I'm assuming you aren't counting RBs though, haha.

Also assuming you aren't counting the V2 prevos and HMS as well.
How much is Bearing Gyros, the page says $40 but I'm almost certain its way more valuable than that.