Plastics/HMS Purchaces

Hey everyone, just a quick question here.

Its 2016 so im wondering if id still be able to buy plastics/HMS beyblades (the first iteration of the beyblade franchise).

If there are any websites or independent sellers who still have some in stock, can u link me to them??

I would prefer NIB or rarely used, but being realistic, im willing to buy any in decent condition.

thanks guys Smile
The best option at the moment is to bid on auctions on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. If you look at the stickied topics inside the Bey Marketplace forum (where this topic is right now), then you will find a thread called "How to use Yahoo! Japan Auctions" that will help you buy what you want. You absolutely need a middleman service to do any transactions on that site.

Otherwise, you can look through what some of our Members here are selling from their own collection, inside the Selling sub-forum of the Bey Marketplace forum.

There is also Rakuten Global, which ships directly worldwide from Japan, but some prices are so-so.

Are there any Beyblades in particular you are looking for?

And nice yo, I think I made your avatar, years ago hahah.
thx for the info kai :0 yea haha u did, really liked that one so used it.

Um,as for interested beyblades, im mostly looking to complete my EG series collection and a few good hms beys.

Ill check through the sources u have shared with me and hopefully i can find ones which im loking for Smile
OK. You can try sending me a private message if you would like me to find specific Beyblades and that you do not find them anywhere else. I will see what I can do.