[Plastic] 3 Beybaldes - Rock/Paper/Scissor

Hey Guys,

im looking for 3 Beyblade builds that are "unbeatable" in their typing class, so they beat each other rock/paper/scissor style. 1 attack blade, 1 defense blade and 1 stamina blade.
If ist possible id like not to buy multiple copies of the same beyblade.

Beyblades i own are: Drancer V, Master Draciel, Griffolyon (Hasbro Version), Gaia Dragoon V, Metal Driger
Please dont recommend me a wide defense ring, these are increadible difficult to come by.

PS.: id like to use the cross griffon AR, i will simply cut of the attatchment Points on top, not gonna use them for Tournament play

Thanks for your help,