Plants VS Zombies 2

Plants VS Zombies 2! You know, the awesome new game that is being released by Popcap soon in all countries if not already out! Plants VS Zombies 2 is going to have so many amazing features. Post your oppinions about the new game right here!
I can't wait for the game to come out!!Joyful_2 I hope it's free in the AppStoreGrin
I hope it has fire breathing peashooters, so that way you don't have to put those logs!Smile i don't know why put I also hope it has challenge where you have to fill your whole field with plants in less than a minute!! That would be a little challenging!XD
Thats the best part! PvZ has announced it will be free!
YYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!XDXDXD I can't wait!!!XD
Me niether. It's going to be epic!
I played the first one on the PC and loved it, I hope I can get it for PC for really cheap. If not I will definitely have to get it for iPhone.
The gameplay looks absolutely AWESOME! It's a different but fun way to play!
woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great .
Yay I bought the game and I'm loving it!! I like how the pea shooters shoot faster and that there are different places like Ancient Egypt!:0 I also love the boomerang plant!!Joyful_2
I got it on my iPhone for my wife to try, as she never played the first one. She likes it, but I have yet to play it.
If you do play, be prepared for ... SEVERAL supprises. I am on pirate seas, and i can tell u, it is a NIGHTMARE or it can be. For instance, in the pirate seas, one of the "locked and loaded" levels, you get no sunflowers! I was lucky to loose no lawn mowers!
(Jul. 31, 2013  6:02 PM)l-dragodestroy9 Wrote: Thats the best part! PvZ has announced it will be free!
Even on the computer??!!!
I loved the first game and beat it several times!
Thank you popcap!
WHOO! I just got to wild west!
Hey! The gargntuar update is out!
well, the game is fun, but got bored and deleted it