Pich's Music Thread!!!

Well, I glad you liked the song. I didn't spend much time on it, but I wanted to express what I was feeling and get it off my chest. Smile
Can u just send it to me, i dunno how to download it maybe its because i dont have a newgrounds account
Here: http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/...brance.mp3
That should work...
edit: Your Welcome Smile
I always tried to use FL but I phail at musical composition. Awesome stuff, I like that half-of-a collab a lot, it's sort of melancholy but's it's relaxing.
Haha, thanks. Wish he could have done something with it, but oh well. BTW, I still have no idea about music composition, though. I just go by ear honestly. XD
EDIT: I did just update that last song, too, though it wasn't very major, it fixed a couple problems I had with it.
HelthRMX's version of Bitter-Sweet Snowflake is done. You guys should check it out.
Also, I will have another song done shortly, so stay tuned. Tongue_out
Dropped by to say a couple things. First, that collab with HelthRMX made top 5 this week on newgrounds! I'm pretty happy about that one, though, I honestly don't know how much it really deserves it.

Second, I currently have 3 songs in progress, but I'm holding off on finishing them, because I want to add more to them. I suppose I'm being more picky now than before. Regardless, I'll probably post atleast one of them soon.
Thanks. Smile
Just looking through .. I clicked on "What a Great Day" and I've just left it running.

I'm absolutely loving it!
Haha, it was my first song. I'm glad you like it. I like it too.

BTW, I've gotten an offer to do a collaberation project with someone for a game. If I have enough spare time during school, which is starting tomorrow for me, then I'm going to try to do it.
I got a sudden urge to make trance at 10:30 p.m. on a school night.... Here it is http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/269489
lmao, it was pretty fun to do, though. I'm rather looking forward to doing more intricate trance songs in the future.

BTW, I still have like 3/4 songs that I am waiting to post up. I'm getting frustrated trying to get the finishing touches done on them, but I'll keep trying. They may not be posted for awhile.

No news on that collab, I'm guessing he won't ever answer back. Crying

EDIT: Yeah, I meant Dance, lol.
Both aren't very good, the first worse than the second, but whatever.
The first is techno and second is DnB. I figured I'd post them up since I put so much time into them, regardless of how good they actually are. Tongue_out

BTW, I meant dance, not trance, in that last post (see edit). I feel like an idiot now. >.>
Here's a third song I was going to upload yesterday, but never could because of the 2 song a day limit. This one is Ambient/DnB and is space-themed. I really enjoyed making it. Tell me how it is. Smile
Popping in with this. It's somewhat ambient, I guess. lol
Made this today. It's got piano + DnB.... Yay, not much else to say about it. Tongue_out

Also, I finally got word from that guy that wanted to Collab with me and we will be working together for the next month or two, since he currently has no studio computer to work with. Can't wait for that. Grin
New songs will be posted there or on my newgrounds. I won't be posting here much unless it's more importat. Posting every new song is getting rather old.

I do have a new song on rithum, though, and will be collaborating with LogicalDefiance (he's on their homepage) sometime next week and the week after.

I'll soon be getting a logo/avatar from Kai-V, too. (thanks Joyful_2)
Just a small tip, try downloading some more samples and using those new samples instead of FL studio ones (I am assuming you use FL studio because I recognize some samples) Smile

Other than that, nice music. Keep it up! Smile
??? I use mostly VST's. Unless you recognize FL Keys or the Amen (or the effects?). And that last song was from two brand new VST I just got that just opened up many new (and higher quality) possibilities.
Nice song, Stuck in my head now! XD
Lol, it's been stuck in my head all day. And thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Smile
Here to post about my new Hard DnB song. It's a loop and is the theme of an RPG I hope to be making and selling in the future. Wanted to post it here, because of how much higher quality it is compared to some my old stuff. I have quite a few new songs on my rithum account, too. Check 'em out and tell how they are.


If anyone still cares at all, I've added two new songs on my rithum page,( http://www.rithum.com/pich )the first one being a WIP I will be entering in the Represent a Country 3 contest on Newgrounds. I'm really hoping to get some exposure from it, so will you guys tell me how the song is/ways to improve it? It would really help me out.

That's my new youtube channel for just my music. Go check it out.
Will be updating it with a few songs I think deserve some attention and with new songs as I make them.

EDIT: Also, brand new song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67hDZdt-H_8
I'm very proud of it. Grin