Perfect Phoenix (Silver Wing) Testing Thread

All testing done in the Burst standard stadium from the B-136.

pP.Ω.Xt+ vs CZ-A.St.Ch

Phoenix launched first on odd rounds.
Achilles launched first on even rounds.
R1: Achilles, Outspin
R2: Achilles, Burst
R3: Achilles, Outspin
R4: Achilles, KO
R5: Achilles, Burst
R6: Phoenix, Outspin
R7: Achilles, KO
R8: Phoenix, Outspin
R9: Achilles, Outspin
R10: Phoenix, Outspin

Phoenix Win Rate: 30%
Score: 9-3
Phoenix did much worse than I expected.
However, Achilles was banked properly every time.
Additionally, Phoenix won against most of my other attack types.
I believe Silver Wing Perfect Phoenix's armor coming off earlier than normal makes it more suited for Defense/Stamina and is weak to some very strong attack types. Though I do think in a match with both beys launched at the same time, Phoenix would do better.
I personally think that Perfect Phoenix isn't as good of a Defense Bey as people say it is. Sure, it's a solid Layer, but it loses to Attack Types, which are considered to be too risky to use in the metagame. Anyway, I'd like to see how well pP.Ω.Xt+ does against Left Spin Sr.0T.H/H'.
Sorry for the late response, but I don't have T or H/H'. Any other combos you want me to test against it?
(Aug. 15, 2019  4:43 PM)Grandblader999 Wrote: perfect phoenix is the worst bey ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Please stop