[Ohio/Kentucky/West Virginia, USA] Calling Out Any Bladers!!!

hmm ill see wat i can do but lets see if we can find more people first......
I live in Kettering,Ohio....I wish there could be tournaments in the middle of all these states!
anybody here lives in ohio i like to know cause i need a challenge ^^;
I'm from Ohio as well nd I'm lookin for other bladers to battle plz Ohio bladers pm me
Finally Somebody from Ohio Joyful_3 i wish there were more from this state tho. i have a few blades now but nobody to face against and im really eager to but so far nobody on this site lives in ohio well not anybody i know of DX
Im from Ohio. Really lookin' for some tourneys
I'm from Columbus, Ohio. You think we could do a metal fusion tourney? Im gonna ask Kai V about it.
Anybody live in Marion or anywhere close me and my bro wanna come to one. Smile))
Who knows of any tournaments close to Marion Ohio me and my best friend want to know?
I'm from Dayton, Ohio and can't find any tournaments does anybody know of one near there
i live in San Francisco very near J0t [sorry the button is broken hoe u notice]
I'm in Huntington, WV. Looking for other bladers in the area...
All bladers from Ohio come on guys we need to get a tournament organized here
So what did all you Ohio guys who were begging for a tournament just disappear or what come on people lets go start posting on here so we know for sure if we have enough people I want to organize it in Dayton which is like an hour from Cincinnati so come on guys you too people from Kentucky and other surrounding states lets go guys
I live In north ridgeville Ohio and the LCCC is up the road and if we asked we could have one there
I live in western kentucky but there is no way i can make it i wish i could i really want to battle
we need to start this tread back up. i recently got back into bladeing, and i wish i still had my old blades. but i got a few guys/girls with me that are looking to blade again.
I live in Groveport Ohio! I've had a few small tournament events at our town hall actually. One time, 150 people came.

I totally think it would be cool if we could hold an official WBO event here in Columbus. Anyone agree?

Anyone in Ohio could come to this thread if you want to...
Here's the link!

will there be any more tournaments in Columbus Ohio i'm a blader that would like to enter one
I might be able to join a tourney in Kentucky this summer if is anywhere near where my dad lives in Kentucky if not then I can't and my brothers would love to enter to if its anywhere near where my dad lives!

I only use metal beyblades though as well as my brothers!
I can see no one has used this form in awhile but I like in Glenville West Virginia and me and about 6 of my friends are interested in a tournament! If someone could organize something we would be willing to help! Parkersburg West Virginia or Marietta ohio would be great places for tournaments someone please let me know
If any of you would consider coming up to Maryland this tournament aims to be huge, it would be well worth it for you: Thread is live: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Silver-S...y-Farewell