October 15th-16th: Beyblade Battle Cry @ Fayetteville Comiccon

The World Beyblade Organization is proud to present Beyblade Battle Cry, a huge two-day event you won't want to miss at Fayetteville Comiccon!

[Image: w31rNlr.png]

Veteran Organizer Dark_Mousy invites you to a series of events spread on the weekend of October 15th and 16th 2016 to kick off what we hope to be a tradition!

Located in between Charlotte, Goldsboro and Raleigh in North Carolina, Fayetteville is the home of this new convention event and it is filled with great promises! Livestreaming, battle music, your favorite mix of Burst and Metal Fight Beyblade, great prizes, and much more! So even if you couldn't go, you'll want to tune in on both days to check out the action. But of course, it'll be a ton more fun to be at the event in person!

There'll also be event-exclusive T-shirts sold for $20 and with an additional $5, you can get your own username printed on it too!

Fayetteville Comiccon is an annual gathering to celebrate all geekdom, a perfect mix of Japanese culture and American heroes and shows! Its venue spreads on 72,000 square feet to accomodate all sorts of fan-run events and treat you to some 30 celebrity guests. If you're close to North Carolina, this is a convention you'll want to mark on your calendar each year!

Click the link below or the logo above for more details. Good luck to all!

And that's not it! A few tournaments have happened in the last year inside anime or comics conventions, and we're hoping to step up our game and claim a spot inside more of them anually. All it takes is for one person to get in communication with the convention staff and present the project to them. Even if you don't end up having enough long-term participants for a tournament, you'll be attracting a big audience and recruiting, which is good for your local Beyblade scene and the convention! If you're really far from North Carolina and that you're interested in organizing an event inside your regional convention, we can help you and we encourage you to put your foot in the doorway! Visit this thread to know how to get started.
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