Noob tip from fellow noob

Hey guys,

I’ve recently started collecting Beyblades and I ran into a problem that I see more people are facing. Some Beyblades have a tendency to fall off the launcher. I especially had this problem with the Turbo Spryzen S4. I found out how to fix this without possibly damaging your launcher. The problem is not in the Bey or launcher itself as this falling off also happens with brand new launchers and Beyblades. What you need to do is put the ripcord in first (obviously). Then attach the Beyblade to the launcher and slightly twist it on there till you feel resistance. There’s no need to twist it as far as to click the launcher, just twist till you feel some resitance and then you should be able to launch any Bey that’s not broken. It may take a little practice with some Beys, while some stay on relatively easy.